Flexible Equipment Financing to Suit Your Company

Every business needs equipment to work, it doesn’t matter if it’s a full range of fabrication and manufacturing tools or simply the technological infrastructure needed to run a modern office, the investment is there and it is real. At the same time, though, the outright purchase of all of your equipment is usually a little out of reach. That’s why Light-Speed Commercial Loans offers a full range of equipment financing options that includes a flexible equipment lending program.

Tiers and Terms

  • Under $150,000, available with application
  • $150,000 to $500,000, available with application and disclosures
  • Over $500,000, again with application and disclosures

Determinations on financing packages under $150,000 are typically made within 24 hours. Most others are reached within 3-5 days. All of our financing packages have multiple repayment structures to work with your needs, and they also feature terms of up to 84 months.


On top of offering straight equipment leasing terms, we also offer companies the ability to get their equity back out of their equipment programs through a leaseback. This occurs when you sell your existing equipment for a lump sum and then agree to lease it for further use, providing you with both access to the machines you need and also working capital for your next project.

Startup Program

When companies have been operating for less than two years, accessing financing can be difficult. Our startup program provides access to funding during those early years, so you get the equipment you need to move forward successfully.

B, C, & D Credits

During downturns in the business cycle, economic hardships can affect even the most well-established company. When you need to restructure and reposition your business to take advantage of changes in the market, our B, C, and D credit program is designed to ensure you have the ability to make that transition sustainably.

For more information about our equipment financing and equipment leasing programs, talk to a Light-Speed Commercial Loans associate today.